The Texas Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Division administers 12 federal child and special nutrition programs for the State of Texas. TDA supports providers of nutrition assistance by helping ensure accountability and the efficient use of taxpayer dollars to nourish Texans in need. These nutrition programs exemplify "eating right" for Texans of every age and background and help them build a bridge to success. Everyone plays a role in teaching children the 3E's of Healthy Living - Education, Exercise and Eating Right.

Guiding Principles

Vision: A Global Example of Excellence and Empowerment in Providing Nutrition Assistance

Mission: Feeding the Hungry and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

  • We are committed to accomplishing the educational goals and the efficient administration and operation of the Food & Nutrition Programs with the utmost professionalism.


  • We require accountability, customer service excellence and respect for each other in managing our programs and ourselves.


  • We will maintain trust, honesty, respect, integrity, loyalty and fairness within TDA and among the Food & Nutrition Program stakeholders.


  • We provide the proper delegation of authority to staff to perform the tasks and achieve the goals of the division.


  • We encourage staff creativity and innovative ideas that support the mission and vision. 
  • We promote cooperation and participation between all parties with a vested interest in developing a healthier lifestyle for Texas families.


  • We strive for a culture of open-mindedness and diversity.


  • We endeavor to move forward with a shared sense of purpose and to find win-win solutions to the challenges we face. We uphold faith and strong values in the work and family environment by promoting work/life balance




Angela Olige, Assistant Commissioner for Food and Nutrition

Tracy Mueck, Administrator for Food and Nutrition

Catherine Wright Steele, Administrator for Food and Nutrition

Sharon Welborn, Director for Compliance

Robin Roark, Director for Business Operations

Elizabeth Gonzales, Director for Commodity Distribution

Beth Thorson, Director for Policy and Nutrition

Edgar Curtis, Director for Education and Program Improvement

Melissa Dozier Gonzales, Director for Food and Nutrition Administration

Alfreda Maddox, Assistant Director for Community Operations

Christine Bendana, Assistant Director for Community Operations

Nicole Notarianni, Assistant Director for School Operations

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