Virtual Exhibit
Visit the Food and Nutrition booth at the State Fair of Texas!

What's in Season?
Learn about Food and Nutrition
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Commissioner Miller visits the Stat Fair of Texas
Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller visits with 
Angela Olige, Assistant Commissioner for Food and Nutrition.
Seasonality Wheel
The Seasonality Wheel showed visitors which fresh Texas fruits and vegetables are in season each month.
What's that sound?
Can you guess the protein source just by hearing it's sound? 
Build a Healthy Plate!
Visitors to the Food and Nutrition booth learned how to build a healthy plate! 
What's that sweet smell?
Do you know your grains by sight? Can you guess the fruit by its smell?
Spin the Seasonality Wheel
Spin the wheel to find out what's in season!

Dairy Fact Sheet Watermelon Fact Sheet Grapefruit Fact Sheet Grains Fact Sheet Vegetable Fact Sheet Protein Fact Sheet
Build a Healthy Plate
Special thanks goes to the Texas Beef Council for the use of their kitchen and Springdale Farms for the use of their farm in the videos linked on this page.
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