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Date: July 26, 2002           Reference #: CACFP DCH 2002-12
To: Child and Adult Care Food Program-Day Care Homes (CACFP-DCH) Sponsors
Subject: Revised Food Buying Guide
Effective: July 1, 2003

ArchiveYou will be receiving the revised Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs (FBG) by separate cover. You may begin using the new FBG upon receipt; however, you must be using the revised FBG by July 1, 2003.

The FBG is the best resource for determining the amount of food to purchase. It is also essential for determining the contribution that each food makes toward meal pattern requirements. In addition to providing helpful information supporting the successful management of a food service operation in the Child Nutrition Program, the revised FBG incorporates new food items and updates the standards of identity for many others. It also changes the yields for several of the food items.

You are being provided a copy of the revised FBG. If you need an additional copy, you may either download the FBG and print the additional copies or follow the ordering instructions provided on the internet at You may also contact your Area Program Office about receiving an additional copy.

If you do not receive your copy of the revised FBG by August 31, 2002, or if you have questions, please contact your Area Program Office.


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