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Texas Department of Human Services


Date: July 19, 2001           Reference #: SFSP 2001-07
To: Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Contractors
Subject: Budget Amendments

ArchiveThis Notice is to clarify the requirement for sponsors to submit budget amendments.

As stated in Policy Alert SFSP 2001-5, sponsors that are participating in the pilot are not required to submit budget amendments for the budget they submitted for federal Summer Food Service Program reimbursement unless the sponsor feels that a budget amendment is needed. In addition, there may be instances in which the Texas Department of Human Services requires a sponsor to submit a budget amendment as a result of a review or other circumstances.

However, for sponsors in the pilot and sponsors that are not in the pilot the requirement to ensure that their budget includes costs to cover the use of SFSP state funding has not changed. Sponsors may include costs to account for state fund expenditures in the budget they submit for federal reimbursement and/or they may submit a supplementary budget. All sponsors must continue to submit budget amendments as needed to account for their state funding expenditures. (Refer to Policy Alert SFSP 2000-4 and Notice SFSP 2001-3 for information on state funding requirements.)

Your contract manager will process any budget amendments that you submit as they have in the past.


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