Renewing Contracting Entities

Contracting Entities (CEs) must renew (continue) their CACFP participation each year.

CEs that do not wish to renew their participation. must submit a written request to terminate their FND Permanent Agreement by mutual consent no later than September 30 of the current program year.

Per federal regulations, applicants may not contract with a third party for the preparation and submittal of application materials.

Online at https://txunps1.texasagriculture.gov

At minimum, the following information must be submitted:

  • Contracting Entity Application
    • Any fields that have changed
    • All fields for which the information did not “roll-over”
  • Annual Audit - information in this screen must be updated each year
  • Budget
    • Sponsoring organizations must submit a new budget each year
    • Independent centers must submit a budget if there are changes to the budget or if TDA requires a new budget (the CE will be notified if a new budget is required)   
  • Preferences for Advances
    • CEs must indicate a preference for advances each year, and if electing to receive advances must complete the Advance Request screen


All forms/documentation not submitted in TX-UNPS must be completed in ink or other non-erasable print. 

Any other changes not already submitted that affect Program participation, must be submitted with the renewal as well.

If you need assistance, please contact TDA at (877) TEX-MEAL (877-839-6325).

Submit required documents (include your contracting entity (CE) ID on all correspondence) to one of the following:

Email to:       
Fax to:                        

Mail to:         
Texas Department of Agriculture
Food and Nutrition Division

Attn: F&N Business Operations - Applications

P.O. Box 12847

Austin, Texas 78711

Overnight to:
Texas Department of Agriculture           
Food and Nutrition Division             
Attn: F&N Business Operations - Applications            
1700 North Congress Ave.

Austin, Texas 78701

Revised September 22, 2016

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