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Commodity Supplemental Food Program
Supplementing the diets of low-income seniors with nutritious USDA commodities.

The purpose of this program is to improve the health and nutritional status of elderly persons, 60 and older, who are vulnerable to malnutrition and are income eligible. USDA provides USDA Food for food packages that are used for home consumption. Local organizations distribute the food packages and provide nutrition education to some 34,000 eligible participants. TDA administers the CSFP  through agreements with individual food banks and provides oversight of their operations. The food banks have agreements with local organizations to distribute the food.


It is provided through these food banks:

  • East Texas Food Bank
  • Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley
  • Houston Food Bank
  • North Texas Food Bank
  • San Antonio Food Bank
  • South Texas Food Bank


Visit the Texas Comptroller to check payment status:

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