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[Community Eligibility Provision – A Step-by-Step Guide]

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Effective Communication

From deciding to implement to informing parents and students, communication is an important key to making CEP a success.

Communication – Superintendent

Work with the superintendent to determine if CEP is the right choice for your Contracting Entity (CE).

Communication – Financial Director

Coordinate with the financial directors to evaluate the impact of CEP on child nutrition, as well as CE’s funding as a whole.

Communication – PEIMS Coordinator

Early conversations with the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) Coordinator can ensure the CE has a method of identifying socioeconomic data for the purposes of reporting PEIMS data.

Communication – Child Nutrition Staff

Ensure child nutrition staff are aware of any administrative changes that will occur because of CEP implementation.

Communication – Community Partners

Consider partnering with community organizations to get the word out about CEP once the CE has adopted it.

Communication – Parents and Students

Once CEP is implemented, notify parents and students that meals will be served at no-cost.

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