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[Community Eligibility Provision – A Step-by-Step Guide]

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Once CEP is adopted, Contracting Entities (CEs) will follow steps outlined by state and federal regulations.

Implementation – Counting and Claiming

CEs must implement procedures to ensure counting and claiming are properly performed and reported for schools participating in CEP.

Procedures must ensure second meals are not claimed for reimbursement.

Tip: Schools may want to continue use of point of service (POS) systems as a means to ensure second meals are not claimed for reimbursement.

Implementation – Collection of Socioeconomic Data

CEs may need to continue collecting socio-economic information from households for the purposes other than determining eligibility for National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program participation. CEs that participate in CEP must ensure that the collection and review of such forms are paid for by non-school nutrition program (SNP) funds.

Tip: Ensure resources paid for by SNP funds, such as POS systems, are not used to collect socio-economic information from households.

Tip: Ensure Child Nutrition staff are not paid from federal funds to process socioeconomic forms.

An example of socioeconomic applications that may be used is available at: http://tea.texas.gov/Workarea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=25769816295

Implementation – Visiting Students

If a student who does not attend a CEP school and is eligible to participate in the meal program visits a CEP school within the same CE on an infrequent basis, the student should be offered a reimbursable meal at no charge. Other circumstances and special situations related to visiting students can be found at www.squaremeals.org.

Implementation – Facilities

When electing CEP, schools should evaluate existing preparation and serving facilities. A school might need to stagger lunchtimes or set up additional serving stations to accommodate an increased number of students coming though the cafeteria line.

Implementation – Administrative Review

The Administrative Review will verify counting/claiming and eligibility certification used to establish the claiming percentages.

Documentation must be retained according to record retention guidelines.

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