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School Nutrition Program Application

Electing to use the Community Eligibility Provision is part of Contracting Entities (CEs) application process.

Application – Initial Data Collection

By March 20 of each year, each CE must report to TDA the number of identified students and enrollment for each campus. Reported data must reflect the student population as of April 1st.

Tip: The numbers provided by March 20 will be used for future claiming percentages; ensuring the accuracy of these numbers is critical.

Application – TX-UNPS

CEP is part of the School Nutrition Program application. During the application renewal process CEs will have the ability to elect CEP in the application.

Tip: Ensure all campuses that the CE wants to participate in CEP are indicated as CEP participating sites in the TX-UNPS site application.

Tip: CEs have the option to implement CEP at single campus, a group of campuses, or the entire contracting entities. Different grouping options may maximize CEP claiming percentages. Each group of campuses must meet the required 40 percent ISP threshold for CEP participation.

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