Direct Certification

State Match Lists and Updated Data

Updated Direct Certification data is available at the beginning of the month -- usually the 5th day of the month. New state match lists will be posted and unmatched records are loaded in the database for CE matching.

Date of Eligibility

The Eligibility Date is the date that Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) processes the current SNAP/TANF benefit recipient list and makes the file available to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and TDA for matching process. The processing day for the file is the last working day of the month. Please refer to the memo to determine the actual eligiblity date for each month.

The eligibility date is the actual date that the child is eligible for free school meals. This date must be noted in the point of service system.

Direct Certification Resources


Direct Certification Trainings

Education Service Centers are available to provide assistance with direct certification. A list of labs conducted by ESCs that will provide one-on-one assistance to CE’s is available here.
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