NSLW -- Suggested Menu

Menu, Shopping List and More Simplify NSLW Meal Planning

TDA has prepared a weeklong menu that can help students Discover the Great Plate of Texas with a Healthy School Lunch.  Recipes for all menu items are available below.

Download the following menu planning resources:
Monday Recipes  Minimize 

Chicken Fajita Stir Fry
Cilantro Brown Rice
Whole Grain Rich Flour Tortilla
Lentils of the Southwest
Rosy Applesauce
Fresh Grapefruit Sections
Variety of Milk

Wednesday Recipes  Minimize 

Sloppy Farmer Joes
Whole Grain Rich Bun
Sweet Potato Salad
Sunshine Garden Salad
Diced Peaches
Variety of Milk

Thursday Recipes  Minimize 

Friday Recipes  Minimize 

NSLW Suggested Menu Disclaimers  Minimize 
The suggested menu features eggrolls. The following are examples of CN labeled eggroll products that provide at least 1 ounce equivalent Grain and 1/8 cup Other Vegetable, as required per the suggested menu. TDA does not endorse any specific product; any product that meets meal pattern requirements may be used.

Examples of eggroll products that may be used:
  • Minh, Whole Grain Chicken Egg Roll, Product code 69461, CN Number 085076
  • Minh, Whole Grain Pork and Vegetable Egg Roll, Product code 69204, CN Number 085750
  • Minh, Whole Grain Turkey and Vegetable Egg Roll, Product code 69205, CN Number 085751

The menus provided meet the food component requirements for the NSLP.  These menus have not been analyzed for adherence to the weekly nutrient standards applicable to the meal patterns.  These analyses are based on “planned” number of servings in an individual meal program, and those numbers cannot be determined for each NSLP program site.

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