National School Lunch Program Compliance
About the Administrative Review   
The Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, as amended by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, requires the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to conduct an Administrative Review (AR) of School Nutrition Programs (SNP) at least once every three years.  As a new federal requirement, the AR is designed to conduct specified parts of the review off-site and others on-site. TDA will evaluate compliance with the following program requirements in the Critical and General Areas of Review which include: Meal Access and Reimbursement, Meal Pattern & Nutritional Quality, Resource Management, General Program Compliance and the operation of any other applicable SNP federal programs.

CE Staff, involved in the operation of SNP, will be heavily involved the review process (off-site and on-site) to respond to questions and provide documentation regarding the operation of SNP.  The AR begins approximately 12 weeks prior to TDA doing an on-site review of program operations with the off-site portion of the review.  The review is risked based, gathering information and documentation samples during the off-site review and then conducting a more targeted review on-site.  CE Staff will be asked to utilize the Texas Unified Nutrition Programs System (TX-UNPS) when providing written responses to questions and uploading requested documentation.  

When Is My Review?

2016-2017 Administrative Review Schedule: A list of Contracting Entities scheduled to receive an Administrative Review during School Year 2016-2017. All Contracting Entities will receive an Announcement letter when scheduled for an Administrative Review. Those letters are e-mailed to the Superintendent and Child Nutrition Director listed in TX-UNPS.

Administrative Review Three-Year Cycle: A list of Contracting Entities and the year of their regularly scheduled Administrative Review for the 2017-2019 review cycle. Please note that some Contracting Entities may have additional reviews during a three-year cycle that are not reflected in this list.

Important Note: Administrative Review schedules are subject to change.

TDA and USDA Guidance   
TDA provides additional information on the administrative review process in the Administrator's Reference Manual, Section 23, Administrative Review, which is available at SquareMeals.org/Publications/Handbooks.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) publishes its Administrative Review Guidance Manual, administrative review categories and questions, and fiscal action worksheets which are available on the USDA website at www.fns.usda.gov/nslp/administrative-review-manual-forms-and-tools.

Administrative Review Reports   
TDA makes two types of administrative review reports available to the public -- Summary Results for Reviews and Detailed Results for Reviews with Findings. The following reports are for administrative reviews in School Year 2016-2017.

Summary Results for 2016-2017 Reviews: A list of Contracting Entities that have received their administrative review reports from TDA. The summary also provides the following information about the Contracting Entity:
  • Types of school nutrition programs operated 
  • Special provision programs utilized
  • Whether or not there were findings

Detailed Results for 2016-2017 Reviews with Findings: A list of contracting entities that had findings as a result of their administrative review from TDA along with the following additional information: 
  • List of findings
  • Type of findings
  • Corresponding administrative review question

For additional information on the finding categories and questions, go to USDA Administrative Review webpage at www.fns.usda.gov/nslp/administrative-review-manual-forms-and-tools.

Forms and Information

Administrative Review Areas: An outline of the different areas of the School Nutrition Programs reviewed during an Administrative Review.

Contracting Entity Checklist: A checklist provided at the beginning of the off-site review by the Compliance Monitor with specific due dates for the listed documents to be uploaded into TX-UNPS. This is a template document.  Review specific due dates have not been included. 

Resource Management Summary: CEs will complete the Resource Management Summary during the Off-site review.  Compliance Monitors will evaluate responses to determine risk factor levels.  Risk factors include the size of the CE, previous audit and review results, the Non-Profit School Food Service Account, Paid Lunch Equity, and Non-program Foods.  If this information is not provided at least 4 weeks prior to the On-site review or if the information provided indicates high risk, a more comprehensive review will be conducted during the On-site review.

Food Service Management Company List:  A list of documents to be available and reviewed during the Administrative Review for CEs that contract with a Food Service Management Company to manage the School Nutrition Programs.

TX-UNPS Administrative Review User Guide: A detailed step-by-step user guide to help CEs navigate the Compliance Module in TX-UNPS while completing the Off-site portion of the Administrative Review.

Administrative Review Guidance Fiscal Action Chart

Administrative Review Tips from the Monitor:  A list of tips, learned during the first year of conducting the new review process, to help CEs prepare for an Administrative Review.

The Administrative Review - Webinar   
The Reinvented Administrative Review Process
This webinar provides an overview of the new administrative review process. Information provided includes how the review has changed, what the review covers, general timelines, required documentation and specific processes for before, during and after the on-site review. (Revised June 18, 2015)
The Reinvented Administrative Review Process PDF

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